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LK Estate Collection

Our LK Estate Collection is comprised, in part, of specially selected wines which are grown, produced and estate-bottled under contract with the respective growers in the regions in which the wines are produced.

With the addition of our new Dry Riesling, this range now consists of four white wines – the aforementioned dry Riesling, along with our semi-dry Estate Riesling from the Mosel region, complemented by two wines from Rheinhessen – our semi-dry Estate Gewürztraminer and delectably sweet Estate Beerenauslese, a classic dessert wine.

Rounding out this range is a red wine produced from the exciting Dornfelder grape variety. The Dornfelder is produced in a sweet style – answering the market’s call for robust, yet fruity red wines

Dry Riesling More Info

Our latest addition to the Estate Collection label – LK Dry Riesling – with its clear fluted Schlegel bottle, offers a complementing touch to the range. Not only does it broaden the scope of the entire offering, it also helps quench the demand for dry Riesling sophisticated wine drinkers have long been waiting for.

It’s been well received by the press and shows how truly versatile the Riesling grape is, as it produces outstanding wines at every level – from bone dry table wines, to sparkling Sekt to delectably sweet dessert wines.

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Estate Riesling More Info

Estate Riesling

An estate-grown Mosel Riesling produced with a moderate – semidry – amount of residual sweetness. It offers classic notes of green apple, pear and citrus with touch of mineral and is an extremely versatile accompaniment to your favorite dishes.

This wine has also garnered consistently high scores from leading wine publications over the past several years. For further details, please see menu options below.

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Estate Gewürztraminer More Info

Estate Gewürztraminer

Our Estate Gewürztraminer is off-dry and displays classic varietal aromas, with a solid core of lychee, white peach and dried apricot, finishing with hints of spice and rose petal. Pairs especially well with spiced Chinese, Thai or Indian fare or home-style barbecue.

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Estate Beerenauslese More Info

Beerenauslese Estate Collection

An estate-bottled offering of the classic German dessert wine.  Produced in Rheinhessen exclusively from the Huxelrebe grape variety and consistent winner of the goldene Kammerpreismünze – gold medal issued by the Ministry of Agriculture.

Exhibits deliciously sweet, ripe honeyed pear notes with hints of apricot and litchi. Nicely balanced. Serve with a fresh fruit and custard torte or Crème brûlée. Gold medal winner!

Offered in half-bottle format (375ml) with cork-finish and wax seal.

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Dornfelder Sweet Red More Info

Dornfelder Sweet Red

Our Dornfelder is produced exclusively from this eponymous varietal. Over the past twenty years or so, it has become the second most cultivated red wine variety in Germany and today, is considered a German red wine classic. 

Dornfelder produces a wine with a brooding, nearly opaque, deep purple color to go along with a velvety texture, which makes it quite appealing. Although of German origin, it’s been cultivated in several other countries in Europe, as well as in Canada and the U.S.

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