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The Mosel region, whose microclimate is greatly influenced by the eponymous river that flows through it and the valley that is sanctuary for the vines growing there, is the third largest of the 13 wine growing regions in Germany. 

Based on international acclaim, it is considered the most popular German wine region and Riesling is far and away the most important grape grown here. 

Originally referred to as Mosel-Saar-Ruwer region, as it also encompasses the river valleys of the Saar and Ruwer, the region’s name was officially condensed to, simply, Mosel, in 2007 to make it more consumer friendly. 

The vineyards of the Mosel are comprised of single-vineyard designated plots [Einzellagen] and larger demarcations [Grosslagen], which encompass multiple Einzellagen. Most of the vineyards are planted on the steep slopes that rise up from the banks of each river.

Their proximity to the river provides the vines with the microclimate needed to produce the highest quality wines. The combination of extended daylight during the growing season, due to Germany’s northern latitude – an average of nearly 15 hours daily – along with the temperate climate and unique soil composition are important factors as to why the vineyards of Germany are the ideal home for the noble Riesling vine.

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