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Rhein Riesling & Pinot

Wine from the Rheingau region

Often referred to as the “Land of a Thousand Hills”, the Rheinhessen region, where our LK Rhein Riesling and Pinot Noir are produced, is the largest of the 13 German wine regions.

The region is bordered on three sides by rivers. The Rhein, which forms at Lake Constance to the south, flows north along the eastern border of the region past the village of Nierstein toward Mainz, where it turns west toward Rüdesheim. Along this stretch it forms the northern boundary, while the Nahe river flows along the western side of the region. 

Rheinhessen is also bordered on three sides by other wine regions: the Rheingau, to the north, the Nahe, to the west, and the Pfalz, just to the south. The label designation Rhein [Rhine] is only permissible for wines produced from one of these four regions.

Due to the diverse types of soil and microclimates, many different grape varieties thrive here. The most important white wine varietals are Riesling, Müller-Thurgau and Silvaner.

For red wines, both the Pinot Noir [Spätburgunder] and Dornfelder varieties produce full-bodied wines of excellent quality and are the two most planted red varietals in the region.

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Riesling – Rheingau

A classic Rhein Riesling produced with a moderate level of residual sweetness; appealing for its pleasant fruitiness, nice balance and elegant, off-dry finish. 

This wine consistently delivers outstanding value and QPR – quality-price ratio – and has garnered consecutive BEST BUY! ratings from Wine Enthusiast magazine the past two years.

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Pinot Noir

The Spätburgunder [Pinot Noir] grape has its origins in medieval Europe and was first planted in the Rhein valley around the start of the 13th century. 

Pinot Noir produced in Germany is classified as cool climate, when referring to type or style. Cool climate Pinot tends to offer wines that are not as full-bodied as those from warmer regions. They, nonetheless, offer textbook Pinot character, with excellent structure and depth, silky tannins and sweet berry fruit.

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