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Under the specialty banner you’ll find traditional wines from Germany that are unique or seasonal items.

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A festive wine, appearing in conjunction with the blooming of Waldmeister (Sweet Woodruff) in early May. Traditionally produced with this herb, which was steeped in the wine to impart its unique flavor.  Semi-sweet with hints of almond and vanilla, it’s perfect by the glass or in a punch with strawberries and peaches.

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Christkindl Glühwein

A staple at the countless holiday fairs (Weihnachtsmarkt) across Germany during the Christmas season. Produced from specially-selected red wine enhanced with clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and other herbs. Christkindl is an official EU designation for this mulled wine and, hence must be bottled in Nürnberg.

A delightfully festive beverage; great for parties, holiday gatherings or after a day on the slopes. Just heat and serve.

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Riesling Sekt SS - Mosel More Info

Riesling Sekt Extra Dry

Produced from select cuveés which were vinified from Riesling grapes harvested in the renowned Sekt-producing area of the Mosel region, the Saar. The Saar sub-region produces fruit perfectly suited for Sekt production with crisp acidity and terroir-driven minerality.

Our Riesling Sekt, Extra Dry is a well-balanced sparkling wine, which offers an array of citrus and green apple flavors with a touch of mineral. Serve well chilled with hors d' oeuvres or broiled seafood.

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