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Twisted river wine

Our Twisted River® brand was a pioneer in the Riesling category, when it debuted on the market over 25 years ago, by offering bold, colorful graphics in an uncomplicated varietal label.

The brand has evolved over the years, with the current design focusing on the two most popular wines in the range – the semi-dry Riesling BIN 168 and the sweet Late Harvest Riesling BIN 568. As with the original package, the BIN number reveals details on the wine itself, with the first two digits indicating the level of residual sweetness, and the last indicating acidity level.

Whether semi-dry or sweet, Twisted River is the perfect choice for your next gathering, whether large or small.

Riesling BIN 168 More Info

Riesling BIN 169

Our Riesling BIN 168 is brisk and bright with crisp notes of apple and tart peach and a delightful finish.

Its off dry finish makes it the perfect house wine or serve in tandem with our sweet Late Harvest Riesling BIN 568 at your next gathering; your guests will thank you.

Named a Best Buy by Wine Enthusiast magazine on multiple occasions.

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Late Harvest Riesling BIN 568 More Info

Late-Harvest Riesling BIN 488

The Riesling BIN 568 is a quintessential Late Harvest Riesling, with rich fruit and hints of sweet pear and melon. Also rated a Best Buy! by Wine Enthusiast magazine.

Its sweet fruity finish is delicious on its own and especially good with Asian cuisine or spicy barbecue. Cover all your bases and serve alongside our semi dry Riesling BIN 168 at your next party or event. Win-win!

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