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Wines from the mosel region

In addition to wines from the Rheinhessen region, which lies along the left bank of the Rhein river between the villages of Worms and Bingen, we also offer wines from the Mosel valley, whose river stretches from its source along the western part of the Vosges mountains in France to where it joins the Rhein in Koblenz.

The vineyards of the Mosel and Rhein (engl.: Rhine) river valleys are comprised of single-vineyard designated plots – Einzellagen – and larger demarcations called Grosslagen.

Of the three Qualitätswein – quality wines – making up our German Regional selections, two are produced from the Grosslagen: Piesporter Michelsberg and Zeller Schwarze Katz, which are vineyards located along the Mosel river.

Liebfraumilch is also a Qualitätswein and is produced from grapes grown in one of the four growing regions of the Rhein valley.

These three regional wines have historic significance in the export of German wines throughout the world and have served as the stepping stones for German wines and their enthusiasts for many decades.

Zeller Schwarze Katz More Info

Zeller Schwarze Katz

The legendary black cat label from the Mosel river village of Zell, depicting a cat who leapt upon a barrel to dissuade a merchant from buying the wine from the winemaker.  Crisp and fruity, with hints of citrus, green apple and melon.  Delicious chilled anytime or with any of your favorite chicken or seafood dishes.

Also available in 1.5L Magnum

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Piesporter Michelsberg More Info

Piesporter Michelsberg QbA

Produced from the vineyards in, and around, the small Mosel village of Piesport.  This wine is pleasingly fruity with hints of apple and pear and a touch of citrus on the finish.  It goes well with lighter fare or on its own as an aperitif.

Also available in 1.5L Magnum

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Liebfraumilch More Info


“Milk of the blessed Mother”, as the name suggests, is produced from a blend of varietals from the Rhine valley.  Fresh and fruity, with a soft fragrant aroma and pleasant finish.  Served chilled our Liebfraumilch is delicious as an aperitif or with chicken, seafood and salads.

Also available in 1.5L Magnum

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Maywine More Info


A festive wine, appearing in conjunction with the blooming of Waldmeister (Sweet Woodruff) in early May. Traditionally produced with this herb, which was steeped in the wine to impart its unique flavor.  Semi-sweet with hints of almond and vanilla, it’s perfect by the glass or in a punch with strawberries and peaches.

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